Disney-ISH Vacations: Why They Are Sort Of Disney, And Not Entirely Disney

Disney World and Disneyland have bee popular theme park destinations for families for almost eighty years. Not too long ago, the famed company added three more parks in different parts of the globe, followed by several Disney cruise ships. Now, there are several "Adventures by Disney" travel agents offering destination vacations that are Disney-ish, but without the theme parks. Here is why these vacations are sort of Disney, and not entirely Disney.

Northern European Tours of Castles and Fantastic Places

You can take a European tour of several palaces and castles, as well as a few very unusual churches, all located in Northern Europe. Hmmm...that does not exactly sound very "Disney," but then you are missing the main detail. Your transportation is aboard one of the company's cruise ships, which takes you up a river that connects all of these countries and sites together.

African Tours

Ever since the debut of The Lion King, youngsters want to see real African lions in the Serengeti. What does this "wish upon a star" company do? Offer lots of tours to Africa for those who want to see all of the animals that appeared in the movie, of course. The tours are mostly guided to avoid injuries, but you can spend some time on your own in the African markets engaging the locals.

Other European Tours

Most of the tours arranged by and offered by the Makers of Dreams that venture into all areas of Europe will take you through lots of luxurious palaces and castles. That makes perfect sense, does it not? Some tours may even have overnight stays in castles, which appeal to almost anyone, and especially to the kids. There is a lot to see and do, as anyone can see from the itineraries for these trips, but they are vacations you will not forget.

Booking Your Own Adventure

Only Disney-approved travel agents can help you with these adventure tours. They are not offered by every travel agency, nor are they offered by individual travel agents without the company's approval and certification. To find an agent, you will have to contact the company's main customer service travel phone line. Then ask for the specific kind of trip or tour you want to take. These trips are uncommon, and they will cost you, but then, they generally do not cost much more than what it would cost if you booked everything yourself.