Mistakes To Avoid When Planning And Collecting Money For An Upcoming Family Group Vacation

If the responsibility of planning your extended family's upcoming group vacation has fallen upon you, you may feel a little overwhelmed at everything you must do to prepare. As part of the planning process, one of the things you must do is ensure that everything is paid for. While planning the upcoming vacation, avoid making the following mistakes when it comes time to collect the money from everyone.

Forgetting to Include Incidental Expenses

When you planning the financial part of the group vacation, you may sit down with your family members and start working on a budget. However, while you are working through the expenses, you want to make sure you do not forget to include incidental ones along with the major expenses.

While you may be focused on expenses such as transportation to your destination, rooms, and meals, don't neglect the smaller ones that may spring up. For example, while you may plan for major meals, you may forget to include everyone's contributions for snacks and drinks.

Also, when you are figuring out the money, think about how you and your family plan to get around once you are there. If you drove in separate vehicles, you need to make sure everyone has gas money. Or if you flew to the location, consider how much taxi or bus fares will run.

If you want to make things easier when trying to determine the budget, you may want to look into all-inclusive resorts. This way, the upfront cost will include most of these incidental expenses.

Neglecting to Set a Deadline for Everyone's Contributions

No matter what way you decide to figure up the budget for the vacation, you do not want to make the mistake of trusting everyone to pay you whenever they can. If you do this, you may end up having to pay for everything yourself when setting up the arrangements. Then you would spend a lot of time trying to track down the money each person owes you.

Once the budget is drawn up, set a hard deadline for everyone to give you their contributions. Try to make the deadline a week in advance of when the payments are due. If necessary, set a rule that anyone who does not pay you by the deadline will not go.

Also, do not offer or allow them to take you into paying first and have them pay you back. You would run the risk of never seeing the money again.

Avoiding the above mistakes can help you stay within your budget when planning a group vacation without being left holding the bill. However, to make the planning easier, you may want to contact a travel agent to see what all-inclusive group vacation packages are available so that you and everyone know what the costs will be upfront.