3 Ways Travel Managers Can Reduce Corporate Expenses

Today's large corporations do business in a global market. This means that travel has become an integral part of managing a company effectively. Frequent trips to meet with customers, investors, and suppliers can begin to take a toll on a company's bottom line if these travel activities are not managed properly. Outsourcing your travel to a company that specializes in corporate travel management can significantly reduce your expenses over time.

Mistakes To Avoid When Planning And Collecting Money For An Upcoming Family Group Vacation

If the responsibility of planning your extended family's upcoming group vacation has fallen upon you, you may feel a little overwhelmed at everything you must do to prepare. As part of the planning process, one of the things you must do is ensure that everything is paid for. While planning the upcoming vacation, avoid making the following mistakes when it comes time to collect the money from everyone. Forgetting to Include Incidental Expenses

Disney-ISH Vacations: Why They Are Sort Of Disney, And Not Entirely Disney

Disney World and Disneyland have bee popular theme park destinations for families for almost eighty years. Not too long ago, the famed company added three more parks in different parts of the globe, followed by several Disney cruise ships. Now, there are several "Adventures by Disney" travel agents offering destination vacations that are Disney-ish, but without the theme parks. Here is why these vacations are sort of Disney, and not entirely Disney.